Toddler’s Jewelry Box

Today, I decided that we’re going to make lady bug and pig paper plate and Styro cup crafts.

However, Xomi had a different activity in mind. While I was sorting her arts and craft supply box, she saw a small box her daddy made few months ago.

She wanted to make a jewelry box!

Materials Needed:

– Any-kind and any-size  box will do

– paint, watercolor or crayons

– acrylic gems or stickers

Xomi and I were watching DIY videos from Anneorshine {Styles & DIYs} last night. Thanks Joanne for sharing this cool link with me.  Xomi and I loved watching the videos!

This is the YouTube link of the jewelry box Xomi was trying to make.


Xomi wanted to use crayons to color her box instead of using a watercolor, which is fine with me because it meant minimal mess.  Then she finished it off with some acrylic gems.


This is where she put the necklaces she recently made.


I love that she loves to create beautiful things, and seeing my craft supplies excites her!

♥ ❤♥

Creativity is contagious, pass it on. – Albert Einstein


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