How to Make Your Own No-Cook Play Dough

I forgot to blog about this when Jep, my husband, first made this back in May. Since Xomi doesn’t have a class for the whole week, we decided to make a new batch of play dough today to keep her busy.

I was never a kitchen person, so he did all this. Last time, I helped with mixing the colors, but today, I was finishing some clippies, so I just saw the finished product.

He followed the instruction and recipe from a site my friend suggested.


–       1 cup flour

–       1 tablespoons of cooking oil

–       1/2 cup of salt

–       1 cup of hot water

–       Liquid food coloring

Jep didn’t add cream of tartar, but if you want your dough to be more elastic, for this mixture, you can add 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar.

Just pop all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Continue mixing until you get a nice play doughey texture or the dough is no longer sticking on your hand.


Then it’s time to knead. This is the most important part of the process. Allow the dough to cool down, and take it out of the bowl and knead until you get your desired play dough consistency.


The fun part is coloring the play dough! Divide the dough into several portions, and simply add drops of liquid food coloring.



finished product (May 2013)


finished product (Sept 2013)


One happy child and endless possibilities of creations and imaginations!  Image

 Thanks to my friend’s suggestion;  we never have to spend on Play Doh again! Thanks Veenz!:)


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