Learning Secondary Colors

The night before, Xomi kept on asking me about color combinations, “Mommy, if you mix blue and red, what color comes out?”

I told her dad that the next day’s activity would be mixing colors.

We came up with this interactive and simple color mixing activity to teach Xomi how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors.

Materials needed:

– Watercolor (red, yellow, blue)

– 6 clear plastic cups (3 empty ones and 3 for watercolor)

– Stirrer

My husband put the primary colors in small plastic cups and added water.


He let Xomi poured the red and blue colors in an empty cup, and she watched as it turned to purple. Next were yellow and red, it turned to orange. Then blue and yellow turned to green!


Mixing colors


Primary and secondary colors!

I’m not sure what happened next because I was doing something. But I’d bet, she ended up mixing everything!