How To Fix Dried-Out Play-Doh

Modeling clay can keep a kid preoccupied for hours, but it can be REALLY messy! Portions of the clay get stuck under our rubber mats or on the side of her plastic table. Furthermore, this little kid tend to forget to pack them away after playing.


It’s a waste to throw these all away.

Xomi loves playing with her Play-Doh modeling compound. She can spend an entire morning or hours molding them into anything. More often than not, she puts them back in their containers because she knows they’re going to dry out when left in an open air, and it would be very difficult for her to make a sundae or a cupcake. She also learned from past experience that her dad would really throw away her clay if she doesn’t secure them tightly in a container. But still sometimes, she left the containers open, or she doesn’t want to break apart what she molded; thus the dried out Play-Doh.


Xomi’s collection

She loves mixing all the colors together. She always insists that’s the way to play with them, and then she’d show me the photo on the box. True enough; the kids were mixing two or three colors in making a sundae.


Hard-rock and dried-out clay

We’ve thrown away a good number of Play-Doh containers in the past. Then I learned how to “fix” her dried out Play-Doh. It took a little while to get the process right.


Different people use different techniques in softening the dried out Play-Doh. What I do is gather the dried out modeling clay and put them back in their containers, add a bit of water (a tablespoon or so), and put the lid back. After a few hours, I’ll knead them or mix them using a plastic knife that comes with her Play-Doh set,  and then add some more water if needed. I put the lid back, and let it sit overnight. Normally, after 24 hours, it’s soft again.

Other people say that you can’t review a rock hard Play-Doh, but I was able to soften them up again, but the process took more than 48 hours. I added a lot of water and knead the Play-Doh modeling clay every few hours.


If you don’t want to throw away your child’s Play-Doh modeling clay, you can give this a shot. This certainly works like a charm.