Paper Towel Tube Octopus

Yesterday morning while I was cleaning our room, Xomi wanted to make a toilet paper tube octopus. We saw a YouTube video of this craft few nights back, so she basically knew what to do.

I told her to find a toilet paper tube, and she went straight to the bathroom. I asked her dad to check what was keeping her. She was removing the toilet paper off the tube! I should have given her clear instructions!

Materials needed:

– Toilet paper tube

-Watercolor or poster paint and paint brush

– moving eyes

– Scissors

– Glue

Since we don’t have empty toilet paper tubes, we used a kitchen paper towel roll. The tubes are white, so it was easier to paint. I cut the tube into half since it was too long for the project.

I was finishing up cleaning the room while Xomi was painting the tube. She used a blue watercolor for her octopus. Obviously, that’s her favorite color. We stuffed the top of the tube with a toilet paper for the head of the octopus.


When the blue-painted tube was dry, we glued the moving eyes, and I assisted her in cutting the bottom of the tube for the arms.

An octopus has 4 pairs of arms. A common mistake is calling the arms of the octopus tentacles.  I miscalculated it, so the octopus has more than 8 arms!  Then she curled the 4 pairs (or so) of arms.



So there it is! Xomi’s blue octopus made out of a kitchen paper towel tube.